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Learn Manx
My Language Notebook

Work your way through these FREE Manx lessons and you will be speaking and understanding Manx in no time.

The lessons all have audio  
using the My Language Notebook (MLN) program.

How to use these lessons

1. Read through the sentences and listen to them by double-clicking on them. (you will need to scroll down in the player)

2. Test yourself by hiding the translations (middle tick), selecting 'Reveal Mode' (torch icon) and then trying to guess each translation. The translation will only appear when you select the entry (so it is pink).
Roll over the H at the top of the player for more help.

Make Notes Or Lessons.. Or Just Learn

1. Download the MLN Installer to your PC.
2. Double click on the installer to install MLN.
3. Open MLN and click on Project / New Project...