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            FOCKLEYR NOA - KELLY -

Manx - English & English - Manx Dictionary

This site will close December 2014 after which there will be no further updates.

STEP 1. To use this dictionary go to the free tlReader page at : - http://tshwanedje.com/reader/

then download and run the latest tlReader Version - for Windows.  

or for Mac Version [Apple Mac OS X] 

Now download and then unzip (double click) the free Dictionary Data file from this page. 

Dictionary Data  (December 2014)  - 7MB zipped

STEP 3. Basic guide.

  1. Using tlReader
  2. Select Open: TLex/tlTerm/tlDatabase file
  3. Choose the unzipped data file that you have downloaded from this site
  4. Dictionary opens in two columns
  5. On English - Manx side type in a word for example “fool”
  6. At the top choose View – 'Show TE fanouts' to get a 'Translation Equivalent'
  7. At 'Bilingual Reference' (top left) click on “bleb”
  8. Dictionary and associated words should appear on Manx - English side
  9. If you prefer Manx - English first, choose Window – Swap Windows
  10. Select 'view' to increase font size.
  11. Searches are case sensitive.

 N.B. This Dictionary has no official status.