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Tel : (01624) 612464

email : info@hoodedram.com

Nano Brewery setup in 2013 with the intention of producing speciality beers, mainly bottled for sale directly to the public

2014 Expanded brewing capacity to keep up with growing demand, featuring very popular "1st Friday of Month" open evenings at Brewery.



      Hills Meadow, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5EB


Accidental Mild (3.1%) : Tasty nutty mild

Sunshine Ram (3.1%) : Gently Hopped light ale

Fat-Ram-Slim (3.4%) : Thin session ale

Head Bitter (3.7%) : Good session ale

Just Another (3.9%) : Light Brown session Ale

Pale Rider (4.0%) : Russett Fruity TT-15 special

Sovergein (4.2%) : Pale session ale with well balanced hops

Red Ram Ale (4.3%) : Mahogany Fruity Ale

Full ThroTTle (4.3%) : Pale brown TT-14 special

Colonial Crackpot (4.3%) : Pale over-hoppy ale

Fat Ram not-so-IPA (4.5%) : Bittersweet Brown ale

Amber Ram (4.5%) : Amber ale with fruity aftertaste

Rock around the Flock (4.5%) : light brown hoppy summer offering

Ram Stein (4.5%) : Hoppy lager-style bitter

Jack-the-Ram Stout (4.7%) : Dry nutty very more-ish

Wahini (5.0%) : Pale Malty Bitter

Toasty Ram (5.0%) : Brown Malty Ale

Fruits Ewe (5.0%) : Raspberry ale

Rampant Ram (5.1%) : Malty "Amber Ram's" big brother

Fat Ewe (5.1%) : Pale dry strong ale with bittersweet aftertaste

Black Pearl Oyster Stout (5.2%) : Genuine Oysters in a Rich Dry Stout

Devil's Ram (6.0%) : Multiple malts & hops makes for complex flavours

Little King Louis (6.2%) - Pale strong ale with sweet malty aftertaste

Special Ram (6.7%) : exessively hopped pale ale

Cow Killer (9.2%) : Pale Barley Wine packed with hops

Nano-brewer of Isle of Man